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Mainstream Transport and Logistics

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What we do

Mainstream Transport and Logistics provides transport and logistics services to companies all around UK and Mainland Europe. With a fleet of trucks and our own team of dedicated drivers we can meet even the most demanding of collection and delivery needs.

Our Commitment
At Mainstream, we pride ourselves on being a responsible partner and so we prioritise using the latest technologies to ensure we are operating safely within the communities we operate. In particular, we have introduced the following measures and equipment to enhance safety.

Side under-run guards
Sideguards can greatly benefit the safety of vulnerable road users and reduce the likelihood of fatalities, particularly for cyclists who may be unsighted by vehicles who are turning left. We are committed to the safety of all road users as a priority.

Fresnel Lenses
Covering the blind spot by the passenger door, these help to reduce collisions between heavy goods vehicles and cyclists.

360 Degree cameras
Vehicle mounted CCTV visually alerts the driver to the presence of a vulnerable road user in the blind spots, proactively reducing the chances of a collision

Class 6 Mirrors
helps to increase the field of vision for the driver in the blind spot directly in front of the vehicle

Audible warning equipment
An audible alert fitted to the outside of the vehicles nearside, working in conjunction with the vehicle equipment which alerts cyclists or pedestrians as the vehicle makes a left-hand turn ‘Caution! This vehicle is turning left.’

Automated load sheeting
Automated Load sheeting – used to prevent loss of load during transit as required by the Road Traffic Act 1991.

Side Guard Covers
The addition of side guard covers provides protection to vulnerable road users from becoming entangled. Research has shown that a flat panel fixed over the under-run bars such as side guards can significantly reduce the risk of death or serious injury in the event of a collision with pedestrians, pushchairs, or bicycles.

Vulnerable road user warning signage
All our lorries have signage to raise awareness of the dangers of undertaking heavy goods vehicles.